Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a strategic method of marketing which focuses on the creation and distribution of unique, valuable content. Modern Marketing’s content marketing packages include:

  • Customized infographics, blog posts, web content, and social media messages
  • Unique strategies for increasing your site’s rankings and overall presence in search engine results
  • Dedicated teammembers from different departments, including – but not limited to – an SEO specialist, an experienced graphic designer, and a copywriting expert

The Importance of Content Marketing

Most marketing strategies focus on one specific aspect of the marketing flow through. However, content marketing thinks about all aspects of marketing and your company’s overall online presence. This method introduces your customers to your brand and supports your company as a reputable leader in the industry. By utilizing social media, blogs, and outside links, content marketing pushes your company to the top of the search engine rankings. Original text and graphics are created to help engage customers and ensure your company is regularly looked to for answers.

Utilize all marketing channels

Modern Marketing’s Content Marketing Strategies

With the presence of search engines like Google and Yahoo!, it is crucial that your company is creating original content regularly. Not only does this content need to be unique, but it needs to be detailed; the more information the better. This unique content allows for better social media postings to attract new followers and a trusted voice in the online community. Here are some of the content marketing aspects we consider when creating your master plan:

Blogs and Articles

Regular blog posts are a great way to engage your customers and keep them talking about your company. If you don’t have a blog set up, Modern Marketing can help create one with personalized content to help drive traffic to your site. We’ll keep the design congruent with the rest of your website to ensure your brand is well known and the viewers are visually stimulated.


Social Media

The utilization of social media is what makes content marketing so crucial today. Your information and links can spread like wildfire on social media, and you can easily engage your customers by answering questions and posting new information. You can share everything from blog posts to infographics on social media, which captivates a much wider range of customers.


Graphic Design

The Modern Marketing team will work to research your industry and pull key information and data to provide to our graphic design team. That team will then create unique infographics and motion graphics to captivate your audience before they’ve read a single page of your website. These graphics are great for social media, blog posts, and visuals for your website.


Pertinent Links

Website copy is where the meat of your information is found. It is important to keep this up to date and engaging for your viewers. This can be done by adding links to outside sources, and discussing current topics in the industry. Our team of copywriters will work tirelessly to ensure your website has all the information your customers could need in an organized and succinct fashion.

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