Infographics + Motion Graphics

Custom Infographic Design

Customized infographics and designs are key for quickly grabbing your customers’ attention. Modern Marketing’s team of graphic design experts is here to help you create those graphics which provide a snapshot of the information you have to offer. Our team is the perfect fit for your needs because we:

  • Take the time to understand your brand and customers
  • Work with your information to create graphics and designs that will captivate a large audience in a matter of seconds
  • Have expertise in using graphics in web and email marketing designs

With the growth of social media content in the marketing world, your company’s time span to captivate an audience is becoming more limited. With infographics you can provide a visual representation of information you’ve collected and studied, which shows viewers the basics before further exploration.


Infographics in Internet Marketing

Let’s be honest with ourselves: looking at pages of numbers and data collection isn’t always the most appealing draw into a company. That is why you need infographics. Our team of graphic designers can transform your number-heavy data into comprehensible images that will captivate your audience within moments.
These graphics are perfect for blogs and social media websites, as they can easily be shared to people who may not have an extensive knowledge of your industry. Studies show that roughly 65% of the population are visual learners. Because of this, infographics have a much further reach than basic data. In using infographics, you are proving to your customers that you have trustworthy information and are able to explain it in terms they understand. Infographics not only quickly captivate an audience, but also increase website traffic, link click throughs, and brand recognition.

Non-Traditional Infographics

Not all infographics are images. Video infographics, also known as motion graphics, are animated and often incorporate visuals and audio. The animation and audio help to engage users and keep their attention for longer periods of time. They also help to engage an emotional response from viewers, which can lead to a higher rate of sales.
Modern Marketing also works on micrographics. Micrographics are smaller versions of infographics which are typically used to break up texts on pages, emails, or blog posts. These may not be as captivating for people scrolling through a social media news feed, but they help to keep your readers engaged once they are on the site and looking for more details.

Capture your customers’ attentions