Website SEO Copywriting

Online Copywriting Service

What is the purpose of a website? To get information. How do site visitors get this information? They read your copy! By maintaining unique, detail-packed website copy, Modern Marketing ensures your visitors get all the information they need. We do this by providing you with:

  • Experienced copywriters who have experience and expertise working on website content to produce new traffic and revenue
  • Creative content which engages the reader while producing greater search engine results and rankings
  • New and updated content to ensure the proper communication of your company’s messages

Modern Marketing’s team has expertise in creative writing and works to ensure your messages are clearly, and creatively, articulated throughout your web copy. Our staff has a strong grounding in grammar and writing, as well as SEO copywriting techniques to provide information and gain website visits. By using keywords and phrases, we organize our copy to engage your audience and boost your search engine rankings, with the ultimate goal of customer conversions. Our team has been trained to transition between different forms of copywriting, including but not limited to: PPC copywriting, website copywriting, and social media copywriting. This enables us to better your website, blog, social media accounts, and all other aspects of your company’s online presence.


Copywriting is Key

Website copywriting is needed to help your customers get the information they’re looking for in an organized, timely manner. We ensure you receive the most visits possible by keeping SEO tactics in mind and using frequently searched words and phrases in our writing. By doing this, you will rank higher in searches and become the most relied upon company in your industry. Our team will work to research questions pertaining to your company and find the best answers so that visitors find information quickly and with ease.


Our Copywriting Services

Our experienced team of copywriters know how to navigate the different industries and platforms for which you’ll need copywriting. We pride ourselves on knowing exactly how to engage the audience through our multiple services.

Entice your audience

PPC Copywriting

Pay-per-click marketing is all about getting the best return on investment. Your budget dictates your outcome, and you pay to get a certain amount of traffic to your site. We tailor your PPC copy to be as direct and business-oriented as possible. You want a set amount of traffic, and we do what it takes to get you that. This includes using keywords and texts which explains numbers and ROI to engage your customers.


Social Media Copywriting

Recent studies have shown that the majority of social media users are under the age of 27. Keeping this in mind, Modern Marketing recognizes that when people are looking at your social media, they have a fairly casual rhetoric in mind. So, we keep this mentality going by using casual yet engaging language. Our team knows that concepts are more important than numbers when it comes to platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, and images and infographics captivate an audience better than pie charts and formulas. We will keep your social media text fun and engaging for a younger audience, but we can promise that your information will still be taken seriously and presented professionally.


SEO Copywriting

The main goal of internet marketing and website creation is to reach a wider audience and serve as the authority figure in your field. So, why shouldn’t your website copy keep this as a guiding factor in what is written? Our team keeps text reader-focused while using keywords to both help increase your ranging among search engines, and transform your visits into customers. We keep your message at the heart of everything we write, and make sure to use leading words and phrases from your industry to captivate your audience and provide detailed, accurate information.

Effectively inform your customers