Blacklisted Websites

Website Blacklisting

When visitors can’t access your website because it has been deemed dangerous, there may be a sense of fear and panic in your company. Modern Marketing is here to take that fear away and ensure your website can get back up and running in a timely fashion to prevent as much visit and purchase loss as possible.

Google and similar sites are quick to flag a website for any evidence that it could be harmful for visitors. They want to protect viewers as much as we want to protect you. Often blacklisting occurs when a virus such as trojan horses, phishing schemes, or information scrapers, is hidden on your website. The majority of the time, you won’t even know your website has been attacked until after you’ve been blacklisted.


Symptoms of Blacklisting

If you’ve ever tried to visit a blacklisted website, you’ve received a warning message from your search engine provider informing you that there is a risk in visiting the desired site. These warnings typically include information about what issue was found. As a viewer, this warning can scare you away from attempting to visit the site again. However, as a business owner, you want to get this cleared up as soon as possible. Below is a list of signs you’re website has been blacklisted. By recognizing the early signs, Modern Marketing can quickly find any viruses and remove them, getting your website back to its normal accessibility.

  • Names of administrators appear that you did not authorize
  • Your website automatically redirects to loan or similar sites
  • Medical information is woven into your website in unintentional places
  • Bank directories appear on your server that you didn’t place there
  • Your website has been shut down by your host
  • The website is being blocked by desktop antivirus programs


Prevent viruses

Website Antivirus

Modern Marketing’s website antivirus includes constant support from technicians and daily remote website scans. If your site has been hit with a virus before, we work to get it cleaned up with no limit to the size of the job. All of our antivirus projects will include a full report on files that have been cleaned, as well as stringently cleaned backups. We know the removal and prevention of viruses from your website is your top priority, so we work to ensure a quick response and turnaround time to make sure you get the support you need.


Modern Marketing’s Guarantee

We take pride in our work, and want to ensure you get the best service out there. To do this, we promise to re-clean your website if it gets infected again, provided that you follow our guide for keeping your website safe. We hand-comb every page to find any hint of suspicious activity on your website that could lead to being blacklisted again. Once we’re done, we have a third party partner look through the website and ensure it is running properly.

After review, we take steps to make your website even more secure to prevent any future attacks. We ask that you regularly change passwords, and don’t save your information for auto-login, as well as a handful of other steps to keep your site safe. We want your 100% satisfaction, so we give you our 100% guarantee for life.

Keep your website safe