Website Security

Website Security

Constant technology updates means your company is always looking for ways to stay on top of trends and make your systems run as smooth as possible. This can often include switching paper files to cloud-based storage. While this does make accessing information easier for your company, it also makes it easier for hackers. Modern Marketing’s team of experienced cyber security experts are is here to help you keep your company’s data safe and only accessed by trusted sources. We focus on tracking URL’s and IP addresses, as well as daily website visits to monitor any suspicious activity.

Our Approach

Our cyber security team keeps a cloud-based approach which allows us to use real-time data to keep your company’s information secured. We have an up-to-date understanding of how internet attacks work so that we can consistently improve our techniques and keep you as safe as possible. Modern Marketing is able to distinguish between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bot traffic which allows us to monitor your website activity and predict future areas of weakness.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Hackers with coding training can frequently install malicious code known as a backdoor on your website. This gives them full access to your users’ information and the ability to alter your site’s reputation. Modern Marketing’s security team is well versed in monitoring website traffic to prevent this backdoor installation and keep the integrity of your company’s website.


Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Two Factor Authentication ensures users are keeping information safe by verifying the user in two ways. Much like using a debit card requires both the physical card and the pin number, the 2FA system makes it easy to track proper user visits. This also lets you manage multiple logins spanning several websites in one centralized location.

Website Visit Management

While everyone wants to increase the number of website visits per month, it is important to make sure these visits are legitimate customers or people who have potential to become customers. Modern Marketing helps you to block unwanted visitors such as specific bots, URLs, and IP Addresses, to ensure your information is safe and accessed by customers.

APT Protection

Modern Marketing is dedicated to protecting you from even the newest forms of cyber attacks. Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) work to attack your information via cloud storage and exploit your intellectual property and business productions. We work to ensure your protection while working in the cloud and avoiding any easy entrances for attackers to find.