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The New Marketplace is Digital

Modern Marketing's specialty is designing and developing e-commerce websites. With years of experience in WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento and Shopify, we can build an interactive shop with seamless checkouts on any platform. It is the little things in online shopping that makes all the difference. Does the site load fast and convey trust? Is shopping quick and easy to navigate? Is your Cart/Checkout process simplified? Is your shipping backend ready for calculating fees and print shipping labels? Can I accept Apple Pay, PayPal, Google Pay and Credit Cards? With Modern Marketing, the answer is YES.

We have spent years building and managing e-commerce sites for our clients. From single product shops to shops of over 1,000+ products. Our solutions are scalable and manageable through the backend of your choice. Make a statement with your e-commerce shop and have confidence handling order fulfillment, shipping and tracking inventory with our training and support services! Modern Marketing is dedicated to transitioning commerce online and is eager to help you establish and grow our online business. Check out our services below and schedule a discovery meeting now!

The sooner we drop the ‘e’ out of ‘e-commerce’ and just call it commerce, the better.

- Bob Willet (Best Buy President)

E-commerce Services

E-commerce Development

We take user experience seriously. A visitor will decide within the first few seconds of loading your site whether they trust it enough to buy from it. Convey trust immediately with instant loading and properly organized information. Once a user decides to shop, the fun begins. We optimize the shopping experience through interactive carts and simplified one-page checkouts. Making it easy for user to buy is our primary goal. Take advantage of our 10+ years of perfecting e-commerce flows.

Shipping and Fulfillment

We have the experience to handle all your shipping needs. We have built solutions for hundreds of products with unique shipping requirements. Once the sale happens, be confident in fulfilling and shipping your package with our team of experts assisting you along the way.

Software API Integrations

We can integrate all type of software into your website. We cover TradeGecko, CartRover and any other inventory tracking API as well as any type of Payment processor or Fulfillment Center API. Have confidence your website can communicate with any e-commerce related API.

E-commerce solutions are unique to the individual businesses.

Our Portfolio has a great collection of online shops we have built and currently manage. Get started with Modern Marketing to have an experience partner working with you to grow your online sales.