Custom SEO Reporting

Custom Reporting

Want to receive a more in-depth analysis of your website every week? Modern Marketing’s customized monthly reports can support your understanding of your website’s success by showing you:

  • Customized goals, dashboards, and events in Google Analytics for the most advanced tracking possible
  • Special reports of cost-per-lead, people and businesses visiting your website, call tracking, your E-Commerce store, and much more
  • Breakdowns of where your traffic is coming from, the most common keywords to get to your site, most visited pages, search engine traffic, social media, and PPC


What Advantages do Custom Reports Provide?

The name says it all; these SEO reports are customized to ensure you get all the information you want and need to continue a successful Internet presence. These reports are great for companies just starting out to see where their investments are most beneficial, or for large parent companies who are working to keep track of multiple projects. Modern Marketing is able to provide you with information about which marketing campaigns have worked best, where you are making the most money and how you should spend in the future, where the majority of your leads are coming from, and any further information you may want. While we do offer these custom reports for any company, our regular SEO packages are usually plenty of information for smaller companies. We have found that larger companies overseeing smaller groups with multiple marketing campaigns are the ones who look for these custom reports the most.


Why is Custom Reporting Necessary?

You may be asking yourself why we offer Custom SEO Reports if our basic SEO packages are already customized to fit your needs. This is because we want to ensure our that our company is giving you the most bang for your buck. If you are a larger company seeking more detailed information, we want to be able to provide that to you.
These monthly reports include information regarding costs per customer and specific details about where your money is best spent. We highly recommend these reports for larger companies who are looking to focus their marketing in one or two locations. Our SEO experts can help identify these locations and ensure your marketing strategies are increasing your ROI.
Modern Marketing also works with you to create monthly goals and ways to reach them. We use our expertise with Google Analytics to set you up for success when it comes to functionality, user friendliness, and overall marketing success. You are even provided with information about your newest users and where they are coming from. We work with you every step of the way to create customized monthly reports which will get you all of the information your company is looking for.

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