E-Commerce SEO

E-Commerce SEO Plans

With an online store, it is crucial to maintain constant website traffic. The best way to do this is to continuously work on rankings, conversions, and general SEO techniques. Modern Marketing is here to increase your traffic and conversions with:

  • SEO expert support to bring traffic to your store via search engine results
  • Edit website content to integrate key words and phrases used to find your company
  • Regular analysis of your sales process to pinpoint locations for improvement

When your company first started out you could probably get by word-of-mouth marketing, but that is no longer the case! We now live in a world of online marketing. Think about it: even your stores have moved to online! This Internet presence means one more thing your company has to track and update – SEO. Thankfully, we at Modern Marketing are here to help advertise for and drive traffic to your E-Commerce site!

Increase your traffic

How do we successfully market your E-Commerce store?

Keeping in mind the urgency to rank well and have high click through rates, Modern Marketing is here to ensure we take every step necessary to get you the numbers you’d like to see.


Once you’ve committed to partnering with Modern Marketing, we do extensive research to see what already drives traffic to your site, and what your customers are looking for. We seek customer feedback and online analytics to get the full scope of who is looking at your site and what brought them there. After Identifying the keywords, we make sure to integrate them into every aspect of your site that we can. By coming up with these main words and phrases that your customers are looking for, we utilize them in your text which helps your site to rank higher when a search for these words are performed.

Product Page Optimization

Most information regarding your E-Commerce store will be found on your product pages. These will include a title, brief summary text which utilizes the previously identified keywords, images with alt text to increase searchability, and any other information you feel is helpful in directing traffic to the page.

Website Navigation

Keeping your website user friendly across all devices is the best way to keep your customers engaged for longer periods of time. Our design team will focus on clean lines to have your merchandise organized and easy to navigate through. We’ll also focus on user friendly aspects such as search bars to make the visit easier for your customers. Additionally, Modern Marketing will link your store throughout your website to make it as easy as possible for users to find their way to buying your products.

Content Revisions

After making sure that your website is clean and easy to use, and that you are ranking amongst the top search results, we’ll focus more in depth on your site content. However, this will look a little different than just keyword optimization. For this, our team will create original content from blogs, articles, press releases, and other resources to link other industry information to your site. We can even help you with your own blog! We search the web for content related to your company and create posts of information for you to release which will increase your visits.

Through our proven SEO techniques, regular website updates, and new content creation, Modern Marketing is prepared to help your E-Commerce store rise to the top of the ranks. We’ll ensure the site is easy to navigate and fluid across devices so users feel like they have the ease of being in a store, all from the comfort of their own home.

Get the numbers you want