Email Marketing Design

Email Template Design

Keeping your customers engaged with what’s going on at your company is key. Modern Marketing offers customized email marketing campaigns and email templates to ensure that your information and visuals are representing the message you want your customers to receive. These templates and designs keep users engaged by:

  • Proven designs which bring together your message as well as your creatives to engage viewers and get them interacting with your information
  • Creative, easy to navigate templates encouraging brand loyalty and repeat business
  • Dedicated web and email design and marketing experts who know how to enlarge your online presence and bring you success

Looking for a way to engage current and potential customers? Email marketing campaigns are a very simple, cost-effective tool for staying connected and sharing the most up-to-date information with your contacts. One email can reach countless viewers, making it an extremely effective form of marketing. However, it is important to be deliver this information in a creative and comprehensive manner. With every email you send, you are looking for the readers to take some sort of action. By using Modern Marketing’s email templates and campaigns, you will receive a higher click and read rate than ever before.

Create an Email Marketing Campaign Your Recipients Simply Can’t Ignore

Did you know that email marketing has been found to be one of the top two most effective methods of marketing? Modern Marketing takes this ranking very seriously and is here to help you create the perfect email campaign to meet your needs.

Our email designs always keep the your customers at the forefront of our minds. We truly believe that strong communication via direct marketing such as email campaigns leads to better business-customer relations and more repeat business in general. Bearing this in mind, Modern Marketing wants to make sure your emails are smooth and comprehensive – unlike anything your customers have seen before.

With all of the technology around today, it has never been easier to stay in constant contact with customers. However, this also means that other companies are reaching out to your customers as well. Modern Marketing is here to ensure your emails stand out from the rest and retain the customers attention until they have viewed all information. With our system of email design, we make your contact process as streamlined as possible.

Responsive and Mobile-Friendly Email Design

Just as we can do with your website, Modern Marketing can create fully responsive, mobile-friendly email templates that can be accessed on screens of all sizes. We customize your campaign to have unique layouts and graphics to keep each email engaging and properly displayed.

If you already have a design or template but need it to be updated so it is responsive on all screen sizes, we’ve got you covered! We work to meet all of your design and layout needs, striving to keep your company and internet and mobile device friendly as possible.

We’ll Work With Your Platform

Whether you already have an existing marketing software, or you are starting from scratch, Modern Marketing is here to work with you. We can integrate our proven methods into your programs to make marketing simple and cost-effective. If you don’t have any systems in place, we can help customize a program for you that fits all of your needs, including your budget.

Engage your customers