Mobile App Development

Mobile Application Development

With people constantly using their mobile devices, Modern Marketing wants to ensure that you are as accessible as possible. We can help you take advantage of this technology by creating a unique mobile app. This app can brand recognition and customer engagement.

Modern Marketing’s apps are, well, modern. We use the most recent research to support our designs and interactive aspects of apps, as well and any other aspects of your business you would like to highlight. Once we’ve created your app, we assure you that it will work across all mobile devices regardless of size.

Our Mobile Web & Application Development Services

Just as you want your website to work seamlessly across all devices, you also want your app to work on everything from smartphones to tablets in both vertical and horizontal modes. Our team focuses on all the details, no matter how small, to make sure your app is as user friendly and enjoyable to work with as it can be. There are several different types of mobile apps out there. Here are just a few of the different aspects we specialize in when building these apps:

  • Websites built to look best on mobile devices
  • Salesforce engagement
  • Email and collaboration
  • Project management
  • Time sheets
  • Data entry and market research

Modern Marketing is here to help you stay engaged with the most up-to-date mobile devices and to keep your customers looking coming back. Below you will find a basic mobile app pricing sheet, but note that prices may vary depending on your specific needs.

Prototyping and Research

Do you have a great idea for a new mobile app? Let us know, and Modern Marketing can do the necessary research and prototyping for you! After we’ve tested out your application idea, we will work with you to improve it and get it out to your customers. With this system, most of the risk is taken away from you. We will do the behind the scenes work to ensure your application runs as desired. Modern Marketing is happy to help create a prototype for you to show potential investors and others interested before moving forward with full development.

Integration with Existing Applications

Not only can Modern Marketing help create mobile applications, but we can also help ensure that they run smoothly with your already existing website and any other platforms you may use. This will help you reach more mobile users and create a larger community for your business.

Reach more mobile users