Responsive Web Design Services

Responsive Web Design Services

In today’s world, it feels like a new technological device is created every month. People are glued to their smart phones, and using them to find out everything about your business. With each new generation of devices comes new screen sizes. So, it’s time to make sure your website is accessible and cohesive across all devices. You want your clients to be able to easily access information on screens as big as desktop computers, and as small as an iPhone 4. Modern Marketing is here to assure the fluidity of your website, regardless of the screen being used to view it.

Unify Your Website’s Experience on All Platforms

With the ever changing technology, comes ever changing screen sizes. Modern Marketing is here to ensure responsive web design so your website looks great across all devices. This responsive design makes the viewing easier for your customers, allowing them to access your site through different mediums.

When you decide to include responsive design in your marketing plans, you get one custom-built website that will be user friendly and clean-cut on smartphones, tablets, and desktops. The key factor in responsive design is not having to build a new site for every screen size. Since new screen sizes appear frequently, your responsive design website will be prepared for the next big piece of technology.

We are an Experienced Responsive Website Design Company

Modern Marketing has a dedicated team focused on the creation of responsive design websites. Our team is constantly staying up to date with the newest information and design creatives to keep your website as modern and functional as possible. Due to our constant knowledge updates, you won’t need to pay for us to research the newest designs or best user interface options; we already have this information. Our preparedness will keep design and build times shorter and costs lower for you.

An Example of Responsive Design by Modern Marketing

Coast Flight is just one example of the responsive design websites we have built. The San Diego based flight school was opening a new pilot cadet program and began realizing they were losing many customers by not being accessible on mobile and tablet devices. More than 50% of their views were coming from mobile devices, yet the visits wouldn’t last long as it was hard to navigate the site built for desktops on such a small screen.

Make sure your site is consistent and up to date

Since Modern Marketing had redesigned Coast Flight’s website to be a responsive design site, visit times for mobile have more than doubles in length. The website is now accessible from any device, making it easy to look up need to know information at home on a computer, or from a phone on the go. This consistency across devices has helped to make Coast Flight one of the top ranking flight schools in San Diego.  

How much would a responsive website design cost you?

It is important to keep in mind that responsive design websites can require changes to content management systems (CMS), and may require further time dedication for a various number of reasons. Additionally, if you need a large amount of design for your site, that cost will differ from a website with all design ready to go. Responsive design websites always pay off in the long run. By providing users the ability to access your website via the medium of their choosing, you are enabling them to browse your information in a manner they are most comfortable with. User interface is what responsive website design is all about.

Want to find out more about what a responsive design site might cost you, or how you can greatly benefit from its fluidity? Call (760) 642-8180 or contact us to get a quote for your own responsive design project.

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