Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance

Do you already have a flourishing website that keeps visitors for extensive periods of time and has a high click through rate? Great! Now that you’ve gone through all the work of getting your website set up, let Modern Marketing handle the rest! We can maintain and update your website for you, which would include:

  • Annual strategic planning meetings with Modern Marketing’s web management team to ensure it has the newest information and designs
  • Easy access to online assistance for submitting website updates to our team
  • Continuous website updates that are up to your standards, which would include ecommerce specials, interactive maintenance, user agreements, products and services updates, and overall website improvements.

It can be tough to stay on top of website maintenance. That’s why Modern Marketing is here to help! We offer customized maintenance plans to maximize your profit at a minimum cost. Internet marketing and technology is ever evolving, so our team of experts are too. Our staff stays up to date with the newest information so you don’t have to pay us for research time. All of our time and effort is dedicated to bettering your site and online presence.
Since we customize all of our packages to best fit your needs, we have a wide variety of plans for website maintenance. We’ve got monthly packages which allow for continual support, as well as hourly rates for small fixes. Our hourly packages are a great way to try out our services and make sure you are 100% happy with your purchase.
Our services include everything you could possibly need from text edits all the way to CMS updates which allow your company to stay up to date and change information as frequently as you’d like. The Modern Marketing packages are the best way to ensure your company is staying up to date with website changes so that you can stay highly ranked and visited.

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How Are Website Maintenance Costs Determined?

Modern Marketing has a number of different website maintenance packages to serve your needs. The cost is dependent upon the amount of ongoing support your website may need, but we always work to give you the best price available. Some of these aspect of ongoing support include but are not limited to: number of consultation and support hours, length of deadlines to provide updates, number of updates needed on a regular basis, and creative design support.

Why Modern Marketing is Your Best Choice for a Website Maintenance Provider

Modern Marketing uses the newest coding techniques to enhance web maintenance and performance. All of our website maintenance plans come equipped with our full customer support team. If you need something fixed or updated, just contact us and we’ll get it taken care of immediately. We offer comprehensive maintenance plans to provide you with the most options. 

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