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Fast Loading, Mobile Responsive and Conversion Optimized

Website have evolved from novelty items to information portals to what they are today — a digital interface that submerges visitors in your brand. Websites are expected to work seamlessly across all devices and be adaptable to future devices. They are expected to be secure when transmitting sensitive data, yet fully discoverable when being searched for. In today’s world, there are countless ways to get a website built and the flexibility of a Full Stack Developer becomes necessary. With experience in the leading CMS Systems like WordPress, Drupal, SquareSpace, Vix, Weebly, Joomla and Magnolia, Modern Marketing can assess your goals are determine best platform for success. Most websites around the world are built on WordPress and we would consider ourselves WordPress Experts.

The backend of a website can take many forms as well by how you organize your HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery. From purchased themes that cut down on deployment times, to custom, hardcoded themes that are optimized for Search Engines and Fast Loading. When determining what style of backend gets developed, we will consider responsiveness, editability, search engine indexing, budget, timeframe and design features. Our goal is to create a website that best fits your technical skill level and business aspirations. Modern marketing is dedicated to making websites quick and easy through our experienced development team. Check out our services below and schedule a discovery meeting today!

Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.

- Paul Cookson

Websites Services

Hard-Coded Websites

For businesses that need their website to stand out, we offer fully customized, hard-coded builds. These websites feature instant loads, seamless responsiveness, and source code built for Search Engine indexing. With top scores on Google Page Speeds, interactive design elements and custom mobile views, this website style is sure to impress.

Website Management

Maintaining your website has never been easier. For a small monthly fee, we handle all aspects of your new website. We cover platform updates, new screen size optimizations, 24/7 monitoring and quick turn arounds on edits and additions. We make sure your website is an asset with a multi-year lifespan.

Template Websites

Our most affordable website is one built off an existing template. We can upload all your company data to the chosen theme and slightly optimize views on desktop, tablet and mobile. There are limitations to using templates, responsive coding is built into the theme and is not easily edited. Load times are delayed, and search engine indexing is negatively affected due to bulk source code. This means you must stay within the exact design of the theme and ranking your website in search engines becomes more difficult.

Websites take on many shapes and sizes.

Check out some of our samples in Our Portfolio to get acquainted with Modern Marketing’s style.